Hickey's 1970 Farm Truck


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Great looking truck. What are the plans for it?
Not much for plans. I mostly got it as an investment I can use.

Clean it. The windows are filthy and the bed is full of random parts.

Exhaust. It's the loudest thing I've ever driven. It has glass packs right off the headers an they end right under the cab. The PO gave me two new Flowmasters for it.

Fix the rocker and cab corner on the driver side.

Comet wash and linseed oil treatment should happen soon.

Drive it until someone offers me a large amount of cash, unless I fall in love with it.

It also needs a seat.

It drives REALLY nice for such an old truck. 70 mph from north Ogden to Grantsville last night.


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Got home from work tonight a little early, so I decided to play trucks.

The bed was filled with trash and parts with a tarp over it all, so I started cleaning it out.


Found some 3" straight pipes that are about 3' long. They were bolted to the headers at one time. 😲

Here's some interior shots.

And some engine shots.

I think it might have the original windshield.


It's pretty low already.


.......a few dollars more
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If memory serves, you'll need the car trans bellhousing also?

SM465 story time? Circa Logan area, 1989ish(?). Young son of a drag racer had a seriously fast '68ish Nova. Aluminum block, heads, etc....SUPER high dollar stuff for that era. Tunnel ram, M22 trans. Drove the car to Mtn Crest High School supposedly as a daily ( not sure about that). I think the car ran 10.80s at Bonneville. Car was NO JOKE. Kid could drive. His dad had a door slammer C4 'vette that I think was in the 7's. Henick Racing if I remember right.

High school friend of mine worked at Baker machine (local engine shop). Built a 440ish cube small block (maybe it was a 432 or something? 400 small block based stroker) Welded a crank and turned it to make it work. Had to clearance the lower bores and all kinds of stuff. I don't remember the details. Thing ran AWESOME. He put that engine in super clean '79-81 Z28 (t-tops). Tweaked that unibody car up just from the torque. He had the frame straightened and sold it with a solid 350. That left him a bad bitch of an engine. He was restoring a 76 4x4 shortbed Chev. 4" lift and BIG 33" tires. No engine (might have went in the Z?) Engines finds its way into the lifted truck. 3800 stall converter and he goes out and races muscle cars and is starting to knock some heavy hitters off. Truck was not as fast as Henick's Nova but it might be a race for a minute?

Henick starts hearing about the truck and the Nova starts appearing on Main in Logan pretty regularly. Never races the truck and the Nova.

After a few months, Henick pulls up to my buddy Kleven and I one night ('70 Chevelle with 15.0 timeslips and 4.10 12 bolt or my 68 Skylark--15.2/15.3 car) in a 4" lifted Chevrolet shortbed. Wants to run against our car to see how his truck runs. BLOWS our doors off, once it shifts. Yep, 465 trans with a destroked 400 (377 if I remember correctly).

Whenever I see a 465 or shift a 465, I think of that 377 in that pickup. Maybe 1-2 seconds to tach out, then a 2-3 second "speed shift", then 3-4 seconds to tach out in third, then HARD on the brakes in town.

Your 2wd needs a 377 ;)
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Layton, UT

Edelbrock victor jr, probably not the best choice for a street application. A nice 383 stroker and a 700R4 would be a great combination.



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This is going to be a riot for you. My 71 SB 4x4 also had a spare tire mount in the bed. It still had the bolt too. A new dash pad, fix the seat, carpet, exhaust, windshield and I would drive that all damn day. I also vote for the Muncie trans. Have you wiped the smile off of your face yet?

One of my trucks came with that bumper too. They were the bumper to get if you towed anything. It took me a while to find the OEM bumper brackets because I wanted to change out that old bumper to the original. I couldn't get the bumper brackets from the dealer so I found them in a wreaking yard in Cedar City on a suburban when I went to pick up a used short bed. My original bed was pretty rough, I called every wreaking yard in the state and found a bed replacement. This was before cell phones and digital pictures. I had to physically drive to Cedar to go take a look at it.