My 2010 Tundra Thread


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Boise, Id
Recently picked up a 2010 Toyota Tundra CrewMax and I'll be using this space to keep track of what I end up doing/what I'd like to do.


Over the weekend, took it on a round trip from Boise to SLC and back, here are some initial observations. The 5.7 is fantastic, especially compared to the 4.0 v6 I had in the Tacoma prior to the Tundra. MPG wise the Tundra could be better, but getting 14.5ish while cruising at 80-85 isn't terrible. I know dropping down to 70-75mph would gain a few additional mpgs. The interior is HUGE!!!!! Lots of little storage spaces and tons of room for people, luggage, snacks, etc.

Build plan

Suspension: Something is needed here, probably sooner rather than later. I think the previous owner had it set up for towing as the rear is real stiff. The goal is to soften the rear a bit, but still have it somewhat acceptable for towing and hopefully get rid of the "bed bounce". I don't need much lift as the truck clears 33s already. Suspension ideas are welcome!

Armor: Not sure I'll do full bumpers, maybe a good rear bumper when the time comes. I really like this winch mount from Demello, it's subtle and looks like a quality piece. I've heard good things about the White Knuckle sliders, but wouldn't rule out building a custom set. RCI makes some good skids.

Bed: I'm going to do a roll-back cover for the bed. My wife has had one on her F-150 and I like it. Eventually, I'll get a bed rack (something like this with tonneau brackets) to mount stuff on.

Fuel/Range: This is the big downside on this truck, the 26 gal tank is too small. These guys make a 46 gal replacement tank, but it's not cheap. I've been looking at the sidekick tank and it could be a viable option. At least more convenient that carrying 2-3 jerry cans.

This is the plan to this point. I don't think it'll change too much, but who knows. Any and all ideas/suggestions are welcome.
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Kevin B.

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I've had OME on... three? Toyotas now and never been disappointed. That'd be my vote. I'm sure Kurt would love to hook you up.


...I just filled the cup.
One of the Toyota dealerships (think it was lhm in Murray) was at the off road expo and have a over stock of tundra lifts. 119148


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I bought a 2010 Tundra a couple weeks ago, I got the 4 door because I wanted the extra bed length. I have been very happy with it so far, it has impressed me for sure.

I picked up the Bakflip cs -f1 tonneau cover and rack for mine, lots of money but I need secure storage and I want to be able to haul my canoe.

I have been thinking about just getting the Ranch leveling RS9000 shocks for mine, but not sure at this point.

I’ll be watching to see what you do.