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Howdy. We just moved here from Florida and are looking for some friends to go wheeling with and show us the local trails. We are staying in a hotel for the time being, but once we get a place we'll be ready to explore.

We've been wheeling for awhile and have been through most of the majors trails in Ca, Tx, Ok, Ar, with some Mt and Id thrown in. We have been to Moab around 6 times and have been trail leaders more than once. While I enjoy hardcore trails, easy trails are great as well and are sometimes more enjoyable as I get older.

Our primary wheeling rig is a warmed over 2004 Wrangler, with many hours of fabrication, lockers f&r, atlas t-case, etc.

We also have a near-new JKU that we use for sight seeing.


Welcome to RME, Mouse! You've found the right place, when you're settled in and ready to hit the trail, post up... I'm sure we can find a group to hit the trail and show you around.


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Thanks for the welcome! Are there any good weld supplies stores local? I'll need both MIG & TIG gas once we get moved in.


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We moved jobs- started last week. Still debating renting vs. Buying. Might rent for a year to make sure we want roots before buying a place. What counties do emissions testing? If I drop an LS into the TJ, how much hassle is it to smog in the testing counties?


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Finally in a house. We are staying in West Haven. About 45 days in a hotel is no fun.

My dually needs new tires. I did some shopping and Discount Fire has the Michelines that I currently have for the same price as Tirerack. Is there a recommended Discount i should go to?