RME Apparel Thread...yes, it's happening.

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Hey all, I'm Tyler and as some of you may know I run a company on the side called Crawler Ready (www.crawlerready.com). I focus mainly on off road gear and apparel, and am reselling some other company's products as well....mostly just whenever I get time I add more to the site.

Anyway, Shane and Greg have come to me and asked if I would be willing to produce/sell some RME apparel. Of course I jumped on it and am happy to offer RME products through CR. So with that since the weather is cooling down quite a bit the first thing we've decided to offer is the RME hoodie. Before I place the order and get things printed up, I wanted to get a general idea of who all would be interested and what sizes would be most popular. I plan to offer them in both black and charcoal (see pics below), but if there are other colors you would be interested post up.

Here are a few images from Shane of the design so everyone knows what they'll look like.


So post up if you would be interested and what size you would need.

Pricing will be around $30.

Zip-up hoodies would be an option too. Front would have a small RME logo on the left chest and the large logo above on the back. Zip hoodies will only be available in Black. Price would be about $40 each.

RME zip-up2.jpg

Once I start getting them printed in the next week or two I will get them listed on the website. You can pay via CC or Paypal on there. You may also pay by CC or cash in person. Right now I don't have an ETA, but would guess about mid-Nov. they'll be ready.

However anyone that would like to pay now to be certain they get one (*paging Tacoma) they are welcome to send money via Paypal to sales@crawlerready.com.

I live in Herriman and work just off 2100 South and 5600 West in West Valley. If you want to work-out a time to pick-up your order when they're ready then shipping is free, otherwise it'll be a flat $5 cost to ship anywhere in the US.
$30 ($35 shipped) for a pullover hoodie or $40 ($45 shipped) for a zip up hoodie.

Just make sure to put in the notes your size and color preference.
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I will note that the only difference is that the RME logo will say "Utah Rock Crawling & Off Road" instead of "Utah Rock Crawling" like on the prototype. :)
And yes, if anybody has noticed... it's a Teton spoof. :D


Thanks for what you do Tyler!


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Charcoal XL, and if I somehow do not get one on this, the third try for me, I will take my stapler and burn this building to the ground, I swear it. :D
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