S**t-Box Racing Series


But stuck more often.
This needs to be kept off the record. This isn't a race. It's just a bunch of buddies that tend to drive their rigs fastish. Last place owes first place the pile of pooled (root)beer money. It's not a prize.

So then we (Greg) need to pick a route that is least likely to cause anyone else any grief if we happen to pass them going fastish. Four wheel drive should be a requirement. Not that the course needs to have it, but the cars need to. That will help keep the vehicles similar.


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I’m in to put some money and work in with a team but I don’t have a spot to build anything unfortunately. So when this thread goes private (it will need to) keep me in mind guys I’d love to do it.
I’m thinking bronco ii with ttb.


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Wouldn’t knolls or little Sahara be a workaround since it’s all open travel area and filled with “unofficial” competition?
I don’t know about knolls, but I do believe Little Sahara does have a line item that states “no organized racing”. Technically that is some gray area on people that even clearly drag race on Sand Mountain.

And I would be scared of running into bystanders/other motorists in the Little Sahara/Cherry Creek area. Sometimes they come out of nowhere when you least expect them even when you aren’t in a race hurry.


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I also think a less crowded area where the course could be well marked would be of benefit. You get in a groove driving and feel so fast until you come up on a washed out deep cut in the road you didn’t expect and are going to fast to do anything but crash. I have some pretty good race course on the south side of 5 mile I put together like 8-9 years ago trying to do a BOR race till the BLM shut it down hard. I think Delle has some good potential also. Way to much protected wetlands in that area to ever get a blessing to do anything buttt thats the area I would look at personally.


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If it is a designated road/route, I would think it would be ok? Scout out a 'course' put it in GPS, and send it to all 'friends'.


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South of Wendover is pretty awesome and low-key place to run. I was amazed at the variety of terrain and roads in that area.


How about the top half of the competitors win the bottom half's race rigs? So, the 1st place winner wins the rig of the team that got just below "top-half" and the loser of the top half gets the very last place rig. multiple DNFs would put guys in a position based on whatever mile marker they're at. That would make it interesting...