S**t-Box Racing Series


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I understand the rule and the spirit of it but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. The $1k for a car isn’t the expensive part, it’s the time I would put into it to try and make it competitive and safe-ish.

*Shark Tank voice*
And for that reason, I’m out.
I think you missed the "S**t-box'" part of the concept


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In my defense, I don't want anyone`s shit 1000 dollar rig. I'll just admit that team magna has badass fab tables to make a 300 dollar rig a 2k rig, it's just a compliment. Hence I have hedged my bets and purchased a magna post office box. If this does not suffice, I pitched a dually axle crown Victoria to the guys at work to meet the 4wd requirement
if the dually crown vic isn't good enough we can always use belts to connect the front tires to the rear drive tires, easy peasy 4x4