Time for action on Bears Ears Proposal


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The above will show you how close this is to happening. Time to break out our writing skills. Be RESPECTFUL but firmly against this MASSIVE monument. San Juan County is 5 Million acres total. Already home to Monument Valley, Navajo reservation, Canyonlands National Park, Glen Canyon Recreation Area a number of other smaller monuments and now a proposed 1.9 MILLION more acres of "Bears Ears"
my favorite quote:

"These officials — including Navajo Nation Council delegate Davis Filfred and former Ute Mountain Ute councilwoman Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk — say the designation is necessary to curb vandalism, looting and off-roading."

so we're being viewed as scum

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my favorite quote:

"These officials — including Navajo Nation Council delegate Davis Filfred and former Ute Mountain Ute councilwoman Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk — say the designation is necessary to curb vandalism, looting and off-roading."

so we're being viewed as scum
The best part is about half of those Navajo "former" councilpeople are former because the tribe voted them out for pushing the monument. They have no authority and I wish the news would stop presenting them as presenting some kind of consensus view.
its official. but not as big as originally proposed. and it looks like Hole In The Rock is safe.


white house proclamation:


"[FONT=&amp]The Secretaries, through the BLM and USFS, shall establish an advisory committee under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 U.S.C. App.) to provide information and advice regarding the development of the management plan and, as appropriate, management of the monument. This advisory committee shall consist of a fair and balanced representation of interested stakeholders, including State and local governments, tribes, recreational users, local business owners, and private landowners."

[FONT=&amp]For purposes of protecting and restoring the objects identified above, the Secretaries shall prepare a transportation plan that designates the roads and trails where motorized and non-motorized mechanized vehicle use will be allowed. Except for emergency or authorized administrative purposes, motorized and non-motorized mechanized vehicle use shall be allowed only on roads and trails designated for such use, consistent with the care and management of such objects. Any additional roads or trails designated for motorized vehicle use must be for the purposes of public safety or protection of such objects."[/FONT]
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What exactly does this entail? Do we even know yet? I have had Comb Wash and several other places in the area on my to visit list for a few years. I really hope we can still travel the dirt roads and hike/camp in the area.


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I don't think we know "exactly " what this entails yet. My hope is that we (that means all of us-we will need numbers) will need to physically support efforts to keep roads open that are currently open. The NPS can't take care of the land they already have. I'd imagine there will be similar restrictions in this area to how Canyonlands/Arches is managed? Day use permits and such for some areas


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So I can look at a map and see the designated area and it doesn't mean that much to me, especially since I don't know the area as well as I wish I did. Obviously 1.35 million acres sounds like a lot as well so I did some math. 1 square mile is 640 acres. Salt Lake County is 807 square miles which comes out to 516,480 acres. So at 1.35 million acres this new designation is 2.6 times the size of Salt Lake County. This helps me put its size into perspective so I thought I'd share.


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I don't think the regulations will be like canyon lands and arches. Those are national parks. I imagine the regulations to be like escalate. Camping in designated open areas, camp fires allowed, ATV's on designated routes, etc. at least that's my hope.
The time for action is now.

DOI Press Release -- Interior Department Releases List of Monuments Under Review, Announces First-Ever Formal Public Comment Period for Antiquities Act Monuments

The press release has a link and instructions for submitting on-line comments. The comment period started today.

A Federal Register notice was published yesterday to officially announce this comment period. This is the formalized, legally required, and most current version of the above.

Text Format

PDF Format

"To ensure consideration, written comments relating to the Bears Ears National Monument must be submitted before May 26, 2017. Written comments relating to all other National Monuments must be submitted before July 10, 2017."

Here's your chance. Please share.


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I posted this in Des News and Facebook in reply to todays Bears Ears article releasing what they think will happen. 85% cut BE and 50% E.
Some observations. They should have never been made monuments in the first place.
The same federal agencies are still responsible for their management and enforcement of management.
Unless Paria Canyon Road is open to four wheel drive use it will mean nothing. And that goes for other roads and mineral collecting sites in these areas.
SUWA was the party that leaked the information and therefore it is suspect and I wonder if the leak needs to be investigated.
What ever plan is used it will not be enough and contributes to the Kings Forest mentality that restricts the use of monuments to the very young, old and handicapped and opens it for the exclusive use of federal agencies and young healthy people.
There are too many two track roads that are now used for single track purposes.
All people that use mechanical means to visit the state of Utah need to be involved by contacting organizations like UAR coalition or U4WDA to keep public lands public. Constant vigilance is required to counteract SUWA and others.


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So what do we think is next? Hopefully a bill can be pushed through Congress pretty quickly to solidify the size of the monuments so they can't just be reverted back when the Democrat's retake the White House in four years. Also, I'd like to see Utah receive treatment under the Antiquities Act similar to Wyoming and Alaska.