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I hate Craigslist Lowballers...


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I rarely have issues on KSL as well. I will text but I dont put up with the bull shit from the first ridiculous text. I sold a dresser not too long ago. I told the lady to bring 3 strong men and a truck. I said I could not help load it because I had hurt my knee. She shows up in a Honda mini van. I told her she was wasting my time and to not come back until she had what I told her to bring. She never came back. It sold two days later and the guy seriously hauled it out and put it in his truck by himself. He had built some crazy dolly that did all the work. Damnedest thing I have seen in a long time. Says he does this for a job. He refinishes them and resells them.


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Should we start a list of phone numbers to watch out for? This came in within minutes of posting my add for the protege...
I didn't realize my responses were off based on the texts I got. Oh well. I would rather scrap the car for $125 than sell it to that dude. I hope he isn't someone on here...:eek:


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I've have had the opposite experience recently as well. First sale guy was very polite about asking for a price reduction, I told him my number he was good with it. I was going out of town for a few days he was fine with it came and picked it up no hassle.

Sold another item last night, dude showed up said it was as described handed me a wad of cash no hassle either......

I was starting to have hope again until your car post :rofl: