Lets see your wild animal pics/vids.


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that little owl pic is amazing
I think that's a Saw Whet owl. He lived in my garage for about three weeks. Herded him out the first time I saw him. Next day I was working in the garage and felt like I was being watched. Looked around and spotted him on the shelf there perched on a grease gun and took the pic. Figured if he wanted to be there, let him. And saw him every day for awhile. Never tried to touch him, but he didn't seem to mind letting me get real close. Then one day he was gone.

Another bird. With a snake :D. Shrike, I think. With a night snake.

And another snake.

And more birds. Chukars.

And why not a quail.

And a sharp shinned hawk.

And how often do you see a rock chuck yawn?