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Hello all,

I stumbled across the forum so I decided to say hello and check out the community. I'm from Northern CO. There's seems to be quite a diverse amount of wheelers here so Im keeping my eyes peeled on XJ/Taco or anything neat.

I didn't see anything on the home page, can anyone give me a run down of the forum you have going here, I haven't a clue as to what most get out of this place.




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Welcome, I enjoy RME for the mix of vehicles, we aren't just a Jeep or Toyota forum, we also go out in the Isuzu, Ford, IH, etc. There's even a build out there for a 65 Sunbeam Alpine. The forum is a different philosophy than a facebook or twitter experience where you might see something today and in a week you'll never find it again. You can dig up stuff from years ago like when Steve owned my truck

Again welcome to the forum.


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Welcome! This is a great group of diverse off-roaders. I use the forum for tech questions and trip ideas, as well as connecting with friends I don't see all the time, but enjoy wheeling with.