New Tent Options?


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Anyone have thoughts on the Oztent? Seems like a good option, all the benefits of canvas without as much need to stake down so thoroughly. Seems like my favorite option right now, just having a hard time swallowing the $900 price tag
I really like them, but in addition to the cost they are gigantic to transport


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I really like my Springbars, the only downside to me is the nessesity to stake to the ground on setup, I have killed my fair share of tent stakes.
We use our Springbar at Lake Powell, often when staking it is near impossible.

We usually can get a couple stakes in, then throw rocks inside (or if you like things cleaner bring some weight disks) in the corners and center of the long side and they do great.


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I used to carry a cordless hammer drill and masonry bit in slick rock country for pitching the Springbar. Bores a tent stake hole in that stuff like a hot knife through butter - less than 30 seconds. It only needs to be a few inches deep, I had some cut down big nails to use just for that. Rest of the tent could get ripped away in a tornado, that stake loop and stake would still be where you put them.

I just carry a free standing tent for that stuff anymore though.