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...So I don't follow the pot or kettle colloquialism, and I while I may have been coy about my intent to make fun of patchists, I certainly don't think that qualifies as passive aggressive. I'd be friends with anyone that's good humored about what they do. However, obviously somewhere, either here or in some other point in time outside of here, I've done or said something to you that has brought all of this up. So maybe there is some passive aggressiveness going on, but if you need to clear the air with me about something, I mean, we've been friends for close to 20 years, just let me know what's up...
You're apparently reading into this deeper than I am. I don't take it for anything other than a Cody-rant which I often enjoy. Again, just trying to wrap my head around the whole context of your argument that one can't be a "Toyota guy" and seek out genuine friends. I couldn't help but think it had something to do with the Canguro conversation we had at D&D's the other day where you said (for 45 minutes mind you lol) you didn't feel like you were ever part of the team and we were mad you weren't at the finish line. And here I'm thinking your simply weeding yourself out from neat opportunities in life. :D


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Well, 40 of those 45 minutes were the result of 8 hours of drinking ;) I was just trying to clear the air on something we had heard, and explain in a slurring exaggerated manner my position on it.

I guess if I was more toyota centric I'd be more involved. For my part, I just wanted to help my friends, but we quickly lost favor to more enthusiastic participants, and that's fine.

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If you want to get serious about patches, go to a Boy Scout Jamboree.......Wow.