RME October Trip - Montezuma Canyon, Alstrom Point, Left Hand Collett canyon


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Ok, so here's the plan.... basically we're going to recreate a trip I did with @roktaxi a few years ago. Here's the trip - https://www.rme4x4.com/threads/mont...oint-left-hand-collett-canyon-oct-2016.111893

This will be a 4 day trip into some amazing, remote places. On Day 1 we will start in Moab nice and early and drive thru Montezuma Canyon near Monticello. From there we'll head West and drive to Big Water, UT for the night (it's a pretty big chunk of miles, down into AZ). Day 2 will involve driving out to Alstrom Point via some large drainage's and down to the shore of Lake Powell. Day 3 will be up the Smokey Mountain Road and back thru Left Hand Collett Canyon. We'll camp somewhere around the Hole in the Rock road for the last night, then head home on Day 4!

I'd recommend around 200 miles offroad range out of your rig (the biggest stretch will be from Big Water to Escalate on Day 3), a lightly built 4x4 should be fine, some basic recovery gear and of course being self sufficient far as camping, eating, etc. Most of the roads are pretty mild, but we're driving in places that see a lot of frequent water, roads can get washed out and rough. Having 2M radios would be great for comms.

I'd prefer that we didn't put a limit on the group size, but think it might be wise. How about a maximum of 10 vehicle? Post up if you want to go, if the list fills up we can add others as alternates if anyone can't go. Sound good? Who wants to go? Lets try to figure out dates.


1- @lhracing
2- @Herzog
3- @I Lean
4- @Kevin B.
7- @Stephen
10- @Greg


@Paul R

Lets plan to meet up on Oct 15th, 9 AM in Moab, at City Market, North side of the building.
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With my current work schedule, I'm free every other weekend. Need to sit down and figure out my current weekends off in Oct!


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Jealous! My plan is to be out in SE Utah early in 2021. For sure by March for some bicycling, then April for EJS. However, I may be there as early as January as I do some investigating on where I might be able to store BlackSheep before and after EJS.

These roads will be on my radar for my van. There is work for me to do to understand better it's capabilities, so I'll be looking for opportunities to meet up for overlanding trips of this type.


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Interested, and didn't draw out any Utah hunts. May depend on Wyoming hunts and some things at work. But put me on the alternate list.