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Seeing I wasn't able to drive northbound on I-15 tonight I decide to go spend time with my honey... she is a dispatcher for a police department... while there a call came in about a jeep that rolled up ensign peak area.... after listening to them say they had no 4x4s to get up there and that the guy was like 6 miles into the road that should have been closed by two gates... and that they guy said that due to the freeway mess he thought he would take a road that was on the gps that would bypass the mess....

Well seeing I had my zj with me I decided to go see if I could help... I got about 4-5 miles in when the salt lake county canyon patrol caught up to me... I had called the guy on his cell and found that the gps coordinates he gave the police where wrong and I gave them the new coordinates and asked if they wanted help in getting to the guy... they said they would be ok and didn't need me so I headed back out...

The county vehicle they took up there was an 08 Expedition with a 9000Lb winch and all they were interested in was getting the guy back to the main road... but they did say that the jeep will need to be removed asap!!! I told them that as a band of off roaders that I might be able to get enough people on here to get up there and retreive the jeep if the city would allow us up there... they said that might be an option seeing no tow truck will be going up that way due to the steep hills and narrow paths...

I gave them my number and will try to call the guy again in the morning to see if he would like our help.... The road is gated and we would need permission from the city which I think will be the hardest part of the whole deal....

From what I heard the guy passed by 3 signs saying NO 4X4's and he actually was trying to turn around but did so on a side hill, which caused the roll over... the vehicle is about 40 feet off the main trail. I am not sure what condition its in or if it would be able to be flat towed out or not... I will try to get this info in the morning...

With the fire up in that area it might be a problem as well...


too poor to wheel... :(
Layton, Utah
map of area

I think this map is too big to be put on here... maybe not... anyway its an approximate locations not the actual....


Hello, everyone.

John told me about this forum, and I figured that since I have been looking for some 'roaders to hang with (I obviously have a lot to learn, since it's MY Liberty that is stuck) this would be an appropriate time to join here.

A little information about the situation:

The Liberty is not rolled (thank heaven). It's upright, and in pretty good shape. It rolled about 30 feet down the hill into a scrub oak, and if it can be pulled back onto the trail, I am optimistic that it can be driven out. I just can't back it up the hill onto the trail.

The coordinates for the Jeep are n40 49.858 w111 50.754. I measured the drive on Google Earth, and it showed about 5.5 miles (on the trail) from the gate to the community below the transmitter towers. My Liberty got to where I left it with no problem, really, so any real 4x4 will make it easily.

The road above my Liberty is more of an ATV trail. I would not want to try to winch anything up from that road, as it is very unstable, and actually slopes downhill. Anyone trying to traverse that stretch would be risking ending up next to my Liberty. The best bet would probably be to rig up some kind of line to pull my rig up to the road, without putting anyone else's vehicles up there. The trail gets bad not too far below where I slid off, so we should still be able to get pretty close, and likely use winchlines from there. I think John said the cables are pretty long, and 100' should be plenty.

All that said, each one of you has probably forgotten more about vehicle recovery (I've never had a situation like this before, let alone recovered a vehicle) than I will ever know, so this is just information that you all can maybe use to prepare.

Thanks so much, in advance, for being great guys willing to help out a total idiot stranger in need.

Here is a little more visual recon of the area. You can see why they don't want anyone in there with the fire.

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I live downtown ish. My ZJ is pretty heavy and has a winch, and I'm sure Dom could bring his up too. What I don't have is a bevvy of snatch blocks and other winch accessories to use. If I can just straight pull him then I shouldn't need any other stuff.

Hit me a PM if you want some help. I'm available from like 6-9 today, or anytime this weekend to go retrieve.
I will be really interested to see what works...the only trees in the area are scrub oak, which I doubt would hold the weight. The officer mentioned to me last night that there might be a way to anchor something into the ground to which a comealong could be attached to pull it back to the trail, but I have never seen or used either. Since the hillside is pretty steep, I don't know if a straight pull to the road would be feasible, mainly because there might not be enough traction to pull me up, and then there likely would not be room to maneuver back onto the road.

I suppose one option *might* be to secure the liberty from rolling, then a side pull (the grass is dry, and quite slippery) to a more manageable spot. If that was working, we might even be able to just pull it all the way out, as long as a rollover could be prevented.

All that said, if the fire gets to it, the point is moot, and this will be a "which jeep should I get" thread. Not as interesting, but definitely less stressful.

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Saw your post on UTAG. Wish I could help out. These guy's here will find away to get it out.


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Let me know the plan. I have a snatch block and a 50ft extension cable....
I'd offer my f250 as an anchor, but it is missing a front driveline at the moment:(


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I might be able to bring my 4Runner up after work tonight. Are you a friend of Brigham Latimer by chance?


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Are the police allowing anyone to drive through the restricted areas to access your vehicle? I would be willing to help, have Pull-Pal, Earth-Anchor and plenty of recovery gear, however I would want affirmation the the City/County have authorized the trespass and recovery.
As for being allowed access:

We are good to go, except for the fire. When that has been controlled/contained, we will be allowed to go in. I spoke to the Public Utilities/Watershed Dept. this morning, and will keep everyone posted.

Thanks again for your willingness to help. And for not telling me (yet again) how completely stupid this was.


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.....Thanks again for your willingness to help. And for not telling me (yet again) how completely stupid this was.

That part will come later :D

By the way. Welcome to RME. Lots of good guys that work hard to help the wheeling community. Some awesome resources have been offering to help you already. We have members of all kinds here. Stick around and you will find lots of people willing to help along, go on ride and trip with and teach as they go. It is a good group here.

It will be good to see you recover your jeep