Today I want this...tool edition


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Easily the best part about that guys videos are his laugh. It's like, I'm loving this so much that I'd be doing it even if the camera wasn't rolling. Thanks for reminding me about the channel.


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I can't even imagine the concrete structure beneath something like that :D Pretty sweet!
It shouldn't need any more than what it needs to support the vehicle. The platform on each of the jacks actually have a larger footprint than the tires so I would think as long as the concrete will support the vehicle it should support the lifting system.

When I built my new shop I had the concrete contractor add extra rebar as well as 6 inches of 4k PSI concrete with the intentions (or maybe dreams) of one day having a 45' Prevost conversion coach which weighs in excess of 54k pounds.

We use these ARI Hetra lifting systems at work for our forklifts and didn't do any additional concrete work nor were advised to by ARI Hetra when we purchased them about 12 years ago. So far no issues with concrete but a forklift doesn't weigh anything compared to these large RV's.