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Thanks for finding that, it seems like a fair assessment. I kinda want two of them, bolted together with casters. My current welding table is usually a sheet of 3/16" sitting on top of sawhorses so this would be an upgrade. Also I think there are a bunch of solutions to cover it if you want to just throw crap on it temporarily.
There’s also this option.


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In the words of my late grandfather, " I wouldn't piss up it's ass if it's guts were on fire."
Way too much going on there to be reliable on a trail. I don't mind electric in concept, but it's gotta be simple and rugged before I'll give it a serious look.

Stoked to see them showing lots of footage of their "Super Villain" tearing up untracked ground though. Way to set a good example for the morons that are gonna buy this, Segway. Stellar work.

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Haters. :D

It may have problems, but if it holds together and has the quick acceleration of the electric it would be a hoot. EVERY manufacturer tears the ground up on all of their marketing. I can't imagine a Segway hipster/pansy being any bigger prick on the trail than a Can Am or Razor owner.


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My wife keeps telling me she wants a Honda Odyssey to haul the boys around in, and I'm resigned to the fact that that will probably happen. But I keep trying to sell her on a wagon, which she's not opposed too in concept, she's just opposed to in the ones that I keep suggesting, such as this:

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