Way ahead lifetime on the road hazard lotto...

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I had a ruined duratrack this morning. Luckily they had a used one similarly worn in the same tire, but I lucked out. I've never bought at Discount, I'll look at this next time!


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So I guess the question is do you buy certs for the sedan that the wife drives? I've gotten use out of my warranty on my last set of KO2s and re-upped when I bought them again this spring but haven't put them on my wifes tires for the Camry. We are going to be living in a construction zone for years while the development fills out (we are house 5 out of 65+) so I expect screws, nails, and metal to be on the neighborhood roads for a while.

Come to think of it, it was on FYTO in 2016 when I hit a spike or something and ripped a tread block that I used the cert. A lot of you guys were standing around hassling me while I plugged it. :rolleyes:
If you end up with nails or other construction debris causing flats, contact the general contractor. If they don’t pay up, contact the city. I gatuntee they will suck up to you after that


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I always purchase from Discount and add the certificates. Ran hanging tree years ago on a BRAND NEW 40” MTR Kevlar and tore a sidewall- really glad I had the certificates!


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Somebody has to be the guy that doesn't buy the certificate so I guess it's me. :spork:

I just take the risk, most the time the certificate for all 4 is a little over 1/2 price of a single tire. (looking on web $206 for tire and $116 for the certs). If I have to replace a tire every other set of tires I buy I'm still money ahead.


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I had a flat on my 3rd gen on one of the only tires I didn't buy from Discount. Hell my boy worked at this one for over a year. I brought it in to have it patched. It was a JK BFG MT. There was a screw at least an inch from the edge of the shoulder. The girl, not being sexist, said they might not be able to patch it. It was seriously an inch from the edge of the lug. I said OK, see what you can do. She then informed me they couldn't put it back on if they couldn't patch it. I said no big deal, put the spare on. She checked the spare and said they couldn't put that on because it was too old. But they could sell me a new tire. Big O plugged it no questions asked for free and quickly too. I swore that move would cost discount my next two sets of tires. I might even keep my word. I have bought at least 10 sets from this store. Never bought the warranty and only replaced one BFG AT after a lug chunked due to a defect. They prorated it.


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I had the BFG KO2's for the Wifes EcoBoost mounted up today at Discount.... I was debating getting the road hazard certs, asked the salesman what they cost. He said $35/ea, making the total for mounting/balancing & road hazard around $250. I said maybe I'll just do the mount & balance and add the replacement later on down the road, due to the overall cost. The salesman offered to cut the price on the mounting & balancing down quite a bit, making the certs a little easier to handle. I ended up paying $205 for everything... and happy to have it. The tires were $230/ea.... if I replace one tire over the next 40-50k miles, the road hazard has paid for itself.