Work screw ups...


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The oil fields were awesome for people tearing stuff up. The T600s liked to brake off fuel pickups from sloshing down the lease roads, then there was this one guy who seemed to think he was training for the Quebec truck drags. He re-settled an ISX block, breaking an EGR cooler that had only been on 50,000 miles, and broke the motor mount bolts two or three times.
Once while I was working on a broken truck (another broken fuel pickup) a four wheeled tanker went past fast enough to catch air right past me. I'm kinda glad I got out of there when I did, people there were nuts. All kinds of wrecks, some were pretty sad.


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I've broken a bunch of stuff at Summit, but nothing "major"-- not that it stopped me from feeling like sh*t about each one... Worst was either sending a machine home with a boring bar in a part, which broke our last tool holder for a busy weekend, or grenading a brand new tapping head when I selected the wrong tool. But it could be a LOT worse at a machine shop. I think mine have been relatively small but pricey effups.
I don't recall the specifics, but didn't I own a royal blunder on one of Summit's machines?


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We had a guy change one value in a tool and press start on the machine last month. It started running at the incorrect height. Took out 5 fixtures that are $80K each. Sadly it was one of my guys and he is a great Tech and a great guy. He was sick about it all weekend. Just a small $400,000 error.


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I crashed a lathe bit into the chuck in high school. Thankfully just broke the bit, but still scared the crap out of me. Also I one time stripped the threads on an expansion valve for an air conditioning unit I was working on, and then I ended up having to replace the whole coil. Was a $700 mistake. Learned my lesson real quick, to always start brass and soft metal threads by hand before torquing.