Can we talk dogs?


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Had my American Eskimo chase me down because I left her on shore with the wife. Sat in the nose of the Canoe once I pulled her out of the water.
My lab/boxer would do anything to get off our kayak, including jumping ship and swimming to shore. She HATES the water.


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My golden doodle is back crossed with the retriever. He's 100% retriever personality (neurotically loving knucklehead) with the poodle's love for water and no shedding.


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Here's a couple shots of our 2yr Corgi. He does a good job herding the kids around and keeping the yard free of cats.
He loves hiking with us, and that low center of gravity allows him to climb like a goat.
We introduced him to our new SxS over the weekend at Sand Hollow. He kept jumping in so I'm assuming he enjoys it as much as we do.


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