Project "Swollen Goat" gets under way


Are you not entertained?!
495 horse factory LS3 and 4L70! The mountain goat should enjoy her new power plant.
I like the name... Mountain Goat!

That thing is going to be a monster with that LS3 and 4L70 transmission!


Lost again
Salmon Arm, BC
It’s still going! Got the 46” claws onto the 20x14 double beadlocks and test fit them today, no clearance issues which is shocking coming from a 40” tire. Doesn’t seem to be any room to go bigger though.

I ran the lowest rpm stall converter that gm performance offered in the 4l70 power train combo - it’s a bit tight in high for snow wheeling with the 5.13’s and 46’s and Im a bit nervous to get into the throttle too hard with the 4:1 transfer case. On the other side of things, with the 40’s in low range I can idle up walls without getting into the throttle.

Not too sure which way to go with the axles next, see how they hold up. The dana 60 tubes look tiny with these tires they’re definitely well built from the previous generations. They could benefit from bigger brakes and the welded rear is a bit of a pain.

Future upgrades will include better coilovers, these springs are tiny and sprung light. The good news is even with a bit more stuff on it (2nd winch, action packers, tools etc) it still comes in at 4400lbs, which is great for what it is.