The RME street moto gang


Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
225 miles
Home by 4.
That was a fun ride!
Chalk Creek to the armpit was awesome.
Royal street in PC is always good.
The tight corners in Pine Canyon where incredible
Pizza in Midway at Cafe Galleria was delicious!
Cascade Springs Rd. was especially good too.
Chad and I even got a tiny bit of single track up AF Canyon before we went down the Alpine Loop.
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So Jo, Ut
The sun is shining.. I’m a little bahumbug feeling.. and I’ve got to make a 3 hour drive to take a picture of a piece of dirt.
Stepped out onto my deck and felt the sun rays. I decided to ride the street bike.
And then I walked out towards the shop and the wind blew a tiny bit, and I froze. 🤣😢

So into the truck I go. But I was so close to happiness.


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Spanish Fork, UT
You better give us a trip report 🤞🙏🏻
Hadnt thought about that but heres a break down:
I ride a 2020 BMW GSA. We had 5 of us this year, a ducati multistrada, harley pan america, bmw GS, and a KTM 1290. We trailered down to Palm Desert CA to avoid the storms. We left the truck and trailer there and crossed the border in mexicali. The first day we rode to San Felipe. We always try to get hotels with rooms right on the beach. I really like San felipe. Its a great little city. First day was about 250 miles. Second day we rode to Guerrero Negro. No beach here but the hotel is super cheap. 250 miles this day. 3rd day we went out on the whale tour. This is always a highlight. The grey whales come right up to the boat and let you pet them. Its awesome. Then we saddled up and rode to Mulege. This is about 175 miles but after 4 hours on boats its a full day. We stay at this little resort outside of town that an isolated little place. Next day we rode into Loreto. Mulege to Loreto is the best ride ever! its only about 100 miles but you have mountain on one side and ocean on the other. As we were riding we stopped and watched a pod of dolphins playing in one of the bays. Loreto is an awesome town. Its growing like crazy and will be the next cabo before too long. We all love loreto so we decied to stay there anb extra day rather than going down to cabo. So the next day we took a ride up to the oldest mission in baja. Its only about 30 miles out of Loreto but is a winding mountain rode. I set a new personal best lean angle on that road! After that we went out and checked out the new golf course and the new marina. Next day we headed back to Guerrero Negro about 260 miles. The plan was to go to San Felipe the next day but one of the guys had something come up so we rode from Guerrero Negro back to the truck in Palm desert, about 500 miles. loaded up and drove to vegas. We were traveling form 8am to 1230 am the next day. Slelpt for a few hours and then drove home sunday morning.


Currently without Jeep
So Jo, Ut
Darn Jake and his moto buying has got me spinning out of control. I’ve got a list of bikes I want to own now.
One bike on the list is the Suzuki boulevard C50.
My brother has one, so I decided to borrow it for a few days.
I actually bought this bike a couple summers ago with a thrown rod. I bought a second wrecked bike with a good motor. Ended up selling the pair to a cousin, who swapped it, and then sold the bike to my brother.
It didn’t take long for me to realize that I don’t like the bike at all. The tank is wide and bulky between my legs, the foot rests are too far forward, and the wide sweeping bars are slow to respond and awkward to steer.
But the straight pipes are loud and fun.


I am glad to be able to check this one off my list. And really glad I didn’t spend my own money to figure it out.

I’ve got a meeting to buy a Honda shadow on Wednesday. The Shadow is probably the first bike I really ogled over as a young adult. I had a photo of one (2000ish model?) on my vision board for a while. I guess I better make sure to check it off now that I can afford one..
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@jeeper my first street bike was a shadow 750 spirit. It was a fun cheap bike to mod and ride. I really enjoyed that bike actually. I bought a wrecked vtx 1300 I fixed with the intention of keeping but I just couldn’t love that bike for some reason and let it go pretty fast.