somewhat damaged
Kamas, UT
Long time over due. My current buggy is now over 6 years old and just doesn't quite fit my family of four. I've considered stretching the old chassis, but the rear radiator design would have just made it to much work. Might as well build a new one!

I've been planning this out in my head for a couple months and finally picked up tubing 3 weeks ago. Bending started 2 weekends ago and as of this weekend my old rig is out of commission as I pulled the engine so I could start building the engine compartment on the new chassis.

I'm using my same old 4.0L, AW4 & Atlas along with the seats and hydro steering gear to make this a quick transition. I thought hard about selling the old rig as is, but with the time frame I've given myself I just couldn't do it. The rolling chassis (including axles w/ all goodies, fox shocks, susp links, etc) will be up for sale soon.

The new rig will have D60's F/R, running 40's at about 112" - 114" WB. This will be a pretty big change for me as I'm really used to my smaller buggy. I still want to keep it as small as running 4 seats will allow, but we'll see.

Most of the photos are currently crappy ones from my cell phone. Amy has a few really good ones from her camera that I'll mix in as the progression goes.

A grip o'tube and a little extra for some other projects. :greg:

Started the chassis out on a simple leveled table. ~16 hrs in
IMAG0205.jpg IMAG0209.jpg

Cab taking shape. ~22 hrs in
IMAG0221.jpg IMG_6401.JPG

the Notch Master pretty much kicks ass.

Taking a guess at the wheelbase with the engine measurements


somewhat damaged
Kamas, UT
Amy testing out the front seat clearance. Overheads are only 22" to the top of the bars. :cool:

Considering this hood/grill. I'll high-line it and shorten the grill probably by half if I use it.

Triangles & stuff.
244.jpg 252.jpg IMAG0243.jpg

Pulling the old engine. :( Sad day.

Engine from old buggy pulled and approximate placement.
IMAG0245.jpg IMAG0247.jpg IMAG0250.jpg

Super fancy hydro bender. Works awesome.


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Curious what the price on the chassis (sans axles and rolling stock :D) will be... As you know I am a huge fan of how well it's worked every time I've seen it working. :D

Stoked to see the new one. :D


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awesome, glad to see you finally pulled the trigger. Good thing you are better at getting projects done than me. Usually I start and get really close to finishing and lose motivation.