Ford Brian's bronco 2 gets wontons and dddd

Bumpity. Typical last minute pimp out of the bronco. He wheeled the shit out of it all spring and summer. Some time in the spring he broke his tranny mount and we repaired it and made a little skid plate. Then in the summer we was crawling it hard and then hauling ass on a dirt road right after to get to another trail and the flex plate broke. It has been parked since. Well with koh coming up and brian wanting it to work he started looking for anther tranny to put in it since the old one was also shot on top of the broken flex plate. Since its a crappy tranny that means no one had one and any one that had one wanted an arm and a leg for one. I told him to just buy another bronco so he searched ksl for another bronco and all he found was ones 5-6 hrs away for a grand or more. He then got on FB and did ISO bronco 2s and with in an hour he had a dozen offers. One guy in laverkin gave him two broncos for free and he found another one in price for 200$ and one close to home for 250$. So for 450$ and gas money he had 4 broncos in a few days lol. All the broncos he found where in good shape and could be daily driven with minimal work. The one close to home just had a new clutch installed and they just never finished putting the drivelines and slave cylinder in, another one had the tank removed because it was dirty and never got a new one installed. 3/4 are suppose to have good engines. They are all manuels so he is going to convert the crawler bronco to a manual and we are going to dual up his bw1350's. We tease him now about how he has a herd of wild broncos in his yard lol.

He yanked the good tranny today. He said he is going to tip the crawler over too to take out the auto lol. 49784368_2445832822097514_8474377337259950080_n.jpg
Just read this entire thread. I think you could cut some more bronco's into plate:rofl:. Awesome build.
The ones welded to his front of his doors was suppose to be the sides for the spare fuel jug but they were the wrong size so i welded them on against his better judgment lol. I may cut out some My little ponys for it also against his better judgment.
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We got it into brians Hobo garage and nailed up a tarp to keep some heat in and he got after it. He got the old tranny out and is working on installing the manual. i have a couple cases at my house waiting for me to dual up.

49705067_1139176172926203_9072117797089181696_n.jpg 49209711_1644330612533231_6850910812115042304_n.jpg 49263623_2159485757702243_9027195067693006848_n.jpg 49348592_590480334737189_3445106457689718784_n (1).jpg 49545901_300804770569113_7424759507042959360_n.jpg 49899024_138959866990005_5905997253713068032_n.jpg
Dual Borg Warner 1350. That sucked big time. Should work good. Stock 1350 cases are 2.48. He has 6.15:1 with both in low now. That gutless 2.9 should be able to crawl finally. Hes got the manual trans in and is going to stab the cases tomorrow and this weekend we will get it mounted and cut/lengthen the d lines just in time for koh.

I ended up installed the rear case shift tab and shifting it into low and then welding it right to the adapter plate so it will just stay in low all the time now. The sad little motor is useless in high anyway even with 5.38 axle gears, its just too much weight for the motor, and brian will never drive faster than 50mph which it may be capable of doing in low. Also we know brian all too well and he would eventually forget and would shift the front case in low and leave the rear case in high and that would explode the welded shaft.