Today I Want This....


Aloha’n MF
SaSa Sandy

Imagine walking into a Chrysler dealer and specing a minivan with a manual transmission, turbo engine, and red velour interior. Whoever did that definitely parties.
Hot rod garage bought one just like that for $2500 it’s their current project. Just had an episode on it this week was going to tag @TurboMinivan when it came up on YouTube

Rot Box

Diesel and Dust
Smithfield Utah
One of my youngest memories was my dad riding dirt bikes around the pasture with my older brother. My dad was on a Bultaco 360 Pursang Cemoto and my brother was on an 1980ish yellow/black Yamaha YZ125! You don’t see these pop up for sale often sure wish it was in the cards I’d love to have it.